Bake and Share Challenge #2-Victims of Illness


Do you know someone fighting an illness right now? Maybe they have cancer, lupus, MS, or maybe they have the flu or have been fighting a terrible cold all winter long. I want to challenge, encourage, and inspire you to bake for someone who has been struggling to stay healthy. Let them know you are thinking about them, praying for them if you choose to, and caring for them by dropping off a box or basket of freshly baked goodies. This would be a wonderful occasion to make a loaf of cinnamon swirl banana bread, bake a blueberry buckle coffeecake, or whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Also keep in mind the family and care takers of the person you are baking for. Taking care of an ill friend or family member can be quite stressful and exhausting. They may be spending countless hours in a hospital or driving their friend or family member back and forth to the doctor. This may be a good time to take them a meal like these calzones or this breakfast box containing pancake muffins, mini frittatas, and a sour cream coffeecake. 


Just imagine what an impromptu gift of a homemade meal or fresh baked goodies can do for someone fighting to get healthy. Lifting ones spirits and letting them know you care is some of the best medicine we can give one another. I love that old saying,” Kill Them With Kindness.” We can try to kill these diseases with our own kindness towards those fighting them.

Who in your life can you bake for that is suffering through an illness right now? I challenge you to bake for that person and/or their caretakers within the next two weeks before March comes to an end.

I recently baked for an amazing gathering of a heart transplant recipient and her donor’s family. I will be sharing some recipes from that gathering with you this week. I am also baking for a wonderful fundraiser at my hair salon this month. They are having a cut-a-thon to raise money for “Brain Up” in support of brain cancer research and one of their young clients who passed away from brain cancer. I will be making macarons, chocolate chip cookies, french madeleines, and a variety of scones. I have two friends coming over to help me bake for this event…one who wants to learn the craft of macaron making, and the other will be providing the scones and helping me bake the cookies and madeleines. Baking is always more fun when you do it with friends and family. So gather a few friends or bake with your kids and help kill someones disease with kindness and baked goodies!!!


I would love to hear who you baked for and what you made. Please leave a comment below or share a photo and description on my Facebook page, your instagram, or twitter. Remember to hashtag any photo or post with #BFBbakeandshare. Please consider sharing this post on your Facebook page, twitter, or email it out to friends and family. Let’s Kill those diseases with kindness!!

Don’t think you have time to bake but you still want to bless someone suffering an illness with some baked treats? I will be sharing some ideas on where you can purchase some wonderful baked treats to ship to a friend in need this week, so stay tuned!!!

2 thoughts on “Bake and Share Challenge #2-Victims of Illness

  1. Absolutely love the idea of baking for someone dealing with illness. I’ll never forget your kindness and treats after my surgery and I’d love to give back to someone else. If you are scheduling a baking day for someone let me know, I’d love to participate.

  2. What a lovely idea! Something warm from the oven is always comforting and brings a smile. Pinned and shared. Thanks for linking up at #OverTheMoon! I hope you will join me at #Wonderful Wednesday.

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