Service Groups Bake and Share…Our First Gathering


bfbbakeandshareLast week, I introduced the idea of “Bake and Share.” I asked you to join my friends and I in baking and sharing our baked creations with service groups such as police men, firemen, first responders, etc. I really enjoyed see your posts on my Facebook page with photos of what you made and who you shared it with. I would like to share my experience of hosting a bake and share gathering at my home with some good friends.


I am so blessed to have these ladies in my life! All of them were just as excited for this event as I was. With it being Valentine’s Day weekend, I thought that heart shaped donuts would be the perfect gift to share. Before the girls arrived, I set up the ingredients and stations for them to work in.




The girls arrived with snacks and wine in hand! What is a gathering of any kind without snacks and drinks? Once everyone was ready, we went over the recipe and I demonstrated how to measure flour and how to cut open a vanilla bean.


Just look at how intent my students were on learning to slice open a vanilla bean!! We worked in groups of two and each group doubled their recipe.




Before we knew it, the donuts started to take over the kitchen Island!



While the donuts baked, we whipped up the frosting and cleaned up our mess. We all gathered around the Island to dip and decorate! This was my favorite part and this is my favorite photo from the evening!





We boxed up our donuts, cleaned up, and enjoyed each others company after baking over 250 donuts!!!! Each person was able to take home plenty of donuts for her family to enjoy as well as 18+ donuts to share with the service group of their choice. It was such a wonderful experience to bake with my friends. Not only did I get to hang out with some wonderful women, but it was so much more meaningful knowing we were do something that would brighten someones day and make them smile and feel appreciated. It was such a group effort. Everyone pitched in baking, decorating, cleaning up, filling boxes, etc. My friend, Kimberly K. Carter (the awesome woman who designed my blog logo and graphics) made beautiful greeting cards for each of us to include a thank you note on with our box of donuts.

And here are our results! Me and another gal delivered our donuts to two of our local fire stations. When I arrived at the station, all but one fire fighter were actually out fighting a fire! I was sad that I didn’t get to see the guys receive the donuts and get a photo, but I was pretty excited knowing that they would arrive back at the station to a thank you note and a box of fresh baked donuts!


One of the ladies took her kids to deliver her box of donuts to the local police station.


Another took hers to the volunteers at her church


One gal brought her donuts to nurses, doctors, staff, and first responders at a nearby ER


One friend has a beautiful baby cousin who is recovering at home from a heart transplant. She thought the heart shaped donuts would be the perfect treat for her cousin and her family. Just look at these hands…


Lastly, one gal was traveling quite early the next morning to Upper Peninsula in Michigan to visit family. When her niece saw the donuts, she couldn’t wait to dive in!!!


I am so thrilled with the outcome of our first bake and share gathering! I plan to host a bake and share gathering every month. I would love to get as many people involved as possible! At the beginning of the month, I will announce what I am going to bake and who I am going to bake for. I want to challenge you to join me in my efforts to spread kindness through baked goods all month long. I have big plans for March!!! I will be posting those plans soon so stay tuned!!! Happy Baking!!!


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