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I am so excited to introduce what I like to call, “Bake and Share.” I started this blog with the idea of providing easy recipes and instructions for you to become a successful baker as well as ideas and ways for you to share your baked creations with others. The hope is that spreading just a little bit of kindness through the random act of sharing baked goods will change someone’s mood, make someone’s day, or make someone feel extra special, and in turn, they will spread kindness as well. I would like you to help me put this into action in your communities in a really fun and effective way.
This weekend, I will be hosting my first bake and share party. I have invited a few close friends over to make the Heart Shaped Vanilla Bean Donuts I posted last week. As the host, I will gather the ingredients, boxes to share the donuts in, and set up a few baking stations in my kitchen. (I may also provide light snacks and drinks for my friends.) Everyone will chip in for the cost of ingredients. We will each bake a batch of donuts. Since I am having 6 friends over, I will have them work in groups of 2. Each group will double their recipe. Each baker will take home 6 donuts to share with their family. They will then be left with 18 donuts to share within their community. For this bake and share, we have decided to share our donuts with a service group such as police officers, firemen, nurses, doctors, etc.
I have decided to share my batch of donuts with a fire station near my home. I had to call upon their help last year when I forgot to open the flu of my fireplace and lit a fire. They came quickly and thoroughly checked everywhere in my home to make sure it was safe. I am happy to show my appreciation with a box of freshly baked donuts! With it being Valentine’s Day weekend, the heart shaped donuts will be perfect! 
I plan to host a bake share gathering at least once a month. I would love to include children as well, and even do mommy and me or daddy and me gatherings. Every month, I will pick a different group or organization to share with such as military, food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, those battling illness and their caretakers, etc. 

My hope is that you will bake with us this weekend. If you do not have a heart shaped donut pan, just use a standard pan or a muffin pan. Host your own bake and share gathering, or bake on your own or with your kids. Make it a family activity! What a wonderful way to teach our children to show kindness to others! And they can learn to bake as well! Please take a picture of yourself sharing your baked creations and post it on instagram and the Baking For Blessings Facebook Page with the hashtag #BFBbakeshare. I would love to see who you bake for! Let’s flood our communities with kindness and baked goods this weekend! Happy Baking! 

For the Heart Shaped Vanilla Bean Donut Recipe, click HERE
Help me spread the word and share this post with your friends and family through email and social media. Thank you! 

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